An INFP in an ESTJ World

Disclosure: This is merely speculation, not a lot can be interpreted by what I’m about to say. I’m mostly interested in the possibility that INFP is rare.

Technically, INFP isn’t the least common personality type in the world, nor is ESTJ one of the most common types. A few sites state however that ESTJ is one of the most common types, thus, INFP being the opposite of ESTJ component-wise, INFP is rather rare.

No, this is not an article about me trying to find proof that INFP is the rarest type in a world of common ESTJs. Instead, I just want to illustrate the fact that INFP is one the rarest types out there.

As The Myers-Briggs Foundation says, 50.7% of the population are Introverted, more than the 49.3% that are Extroverted.

However, 26.7% have Intuition, whereas a whopping 73.3 have Sensing.

Feeling individuals rank higher than Thinking individuals at 59.8% vs 40.2%.

And finally, 54.1% of individuals are Judging, with 45.9% being Perceiving.

So with this information, is it reasonable to say that the rarest type is ENTP? No, ENTP is not the rarest but it is rare at 3.2% of the population.

No, the rarest is INFJ, at 1.5%

Among males, however, ESTJ ranks second place as one of the most common types. (At 11.2%. ISTJ is first place).

INFP isn’t one of the rarest, though it is rarer among men than women (4.1% vs 4.6%).

However, other personality type websites argue that INFP may be one of the rarest. For instance, at, INFP is in third place of the rare types, at 2%, behind INTJ and INFJ. Among males, its in second place at 1.5% behind INFJ (0.5%).

So, it can be argued that INFP is one of the rarest, but it isn’t the rarest. Nor is ESTJ the most common, but it is one of the most common.

At most, one can only say that they’re an INFJ living in an ISFJ world.

However, INFPs may not be the rarest, but we may be the most misunderstood.

  1. Among males, ISTJ and ESTJ are the most common.
  2. In an extroverted country such as America, ESTJ is technically more dominant.
  3. So male INFPs living in America, as the opposite to ESTJ, may have the hardest time being around other people and being understood, especially in the work place.

However, the nice thing is, INFPs would rather be misunderstood than fully understood.

We like to be unique, and though that may cause strife for us trying to be different in the common “ESTJ-style” workplaces, sometimes being different can help change a lot and inspire others.




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