Reality to INFPs

(This a post I wrote on a different blog, decided to add it here)

Our lives are full of imagination. We interpret life through our fantasies, our day dreams we encounter daily. We spend our lonely hours dreaming up possibilities, paths and roads leading to hope and emotion.

Every hour of our life is spent in a trance, always consumed by our dreams and fantasies.

Too often we try to find the fantasies of our imagination in the world around us. We try to see the good and perfection our dreams offer in the reality that surrounds us.

We see the world as a giant blue orb, floating in an infinity of gleaming stars, hovering galaxies, and endless possibilities. We see our life around us as a giant intersection, with roads leading to many lives to encounter, many experiences to be felt, many dreams to be fulfilled.

However, amongst the oceans of life and the sea of fantasies, we catch glimpses of craters caused by disaster and hurricanes formed from torment. The windows of our souls begin to notice the pain and imperfection of the world.

We panic, realizing that our imaginations don’t match the reality around us. We get scared, and try to find our fantasies and adventures of our mind a midst the disaster around us. Our heart yearns to explore, to find adventure and hope in the world. Ever searching, our souls beg to find the good in the world that our dreams foresee.

People around us see our hope for the world and try to convince us otherwise. They try to show the reality around us, a dull, blue world full of nature, technology, rules, and torment. They struggle to make us interpret the world the way everyone else does.

But we never notice what they clearly see. Our fantasies still fill our minds, the stories we form in our heads consume our every thought. We ourselves give up on hope and try to see the world as everyone else does. However, we never succeed. We always end up trying to reach for things that can’t be touched, dream for things that are hard to be imagined, notice glimpses of good in a world full of evil and torment.

Continually, we struggle to keep our fantasies alive, our hope kindled. We try to keep our friendships intact, making sure we never have to lose another person in our lives. We try to avoid forks in the road, decisions that could lead to disaster.

And so we live in two worlds in a melancholic trance. Taking the best from both worlds, the perfection from our fantasies and the bleak hope from reality, we live our lives in a day dream.

And we’re okay this way. If we cross paths with pain and disaster, we get depressed, seeing that the world isn’t as what we had hoped.

No matter what people around us try convince us of, or what the world tries to make us see, we’ll always be stuck in our fantasies, our adventures that reality struggles to offer. Though we never may find full glimpses of our imagination in the things and thoughts around us, we still journey on, searching for hope and looking for possibilities.

So with inspiration as our guide, imagination as our mentor, and reality as our map, we live life like no one else, always looking for the good that the world has to offer.


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