INFP Thoughts #1 – On Our Caution

We can become very paranoid over the silliest things. If we perceive the slightest possibility of making a mistake or of things going wrong, we’ll worry and stress out over that possibility.

We INFPs are constantly orchestrating our lives in such a way that we can be sure that no mistakes can happen.

If we perceive, for instance, the possibility that we could spill our drink over our laptop, we’ll become very stressed over the idea. In order to remove that stress, in this case, we’ll put the drink in a sealed cup so that it if tips, not much will come out.

Our paranoia also causes us to be very cautious in new situations, to the point to where people may view us as wimps, or just too cautious.

This cautiousness isn’t as extreme as I’ve made it seem. It’ll come and go, and the majority of the time INFPs will enjoy having a good time and forget about worrying about the possible implications.

It is both a curse and a blessing. We are burdened with this continual worry. However, this paranoia for the possibility of making a mistake, getting hurt, causing others harm or grief, causes us to make less mistakes and become injured less.

So though we may seem silly for being nervous and cautious often, we feel relieved when double-checking our luggage.


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  1. YourMom says:

    I’m in perpetual worry about travel by vehicle. I have to Feel and listen to my vehicle because I’m always ready to break down on the side of the road. “Did you hear that?” “Did you feel that?” . Nobody else ever does.


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