On Projecting and Absorbing Emotions (INFP & INFJ)

As previously talked about in Misconceptions About Feeling and Emotions, the INFP possesses two key functions, Introverted Sensing and Introverted Feeling, that enables the INFP to be in touch with the emotions much more than any other personality type. With “Si” as a filter that helps the INFP focus more on emotions than outer circumstances and events, and with “Fi” to help the INFP make decisions and try to interpret said emotions, the INFP has spent much of its life mapping out its emotions, trying to understand and interpret each one.

Another personality type that is known for its more “emotional” side is the INFJ, and though it appears the only difference between INFJ and INFP is the Judging vs. Perceiving, the INFJ and INFP do not have much in common besides emotion being near the fore-front of each other’s minds.

The cognitive “stacks” of the INFP and INFJ are significantly different, with the INFP’s “stack” going:

“Fi”, “Ne”, “Si”, “Te”.

And the INFJ’s “stack” going:

“Ni”, “Fe”, “Ti”, “Se”.

Similarities and differences between the two personality types will be discussed in another post, but for now, I’m going to talk about how the INFP and INFJ interact with and perceive emotions.

Absorbing Emotions – INFJ

Because the INFJ possesses Introverted Intuition and Extroverted Feeling as its first two functions in its “stack”, the INFJ is able to absorb other people’s emotions. Of course, this isn’t a “super power” of the INFJ; most people can empathize with other people’s emotions in the same way. However, INFJs feel other people’s emotions more deeply than any other personality type.

By using “Ni” to understand other people’s perspectives and interpret other people’s behaviors and feelings, the INFJ can easily notice someone and understand what they’re feeling.

With “Fe”, the INFJ cares about its surroundings and emotions of the group, so constantly, the INFJ is picking up on and feeling every emotion being expressed by the group.

Because of this, they might feel overwhelmed by everyone else’s emotions and won’t be able to stop “feeling everything”.

This “ability”, however, makes INFJs very compassionate and empathetic people. And because they feel the emotions of other people, they can help others by just simply understanding what they’re feeling.

Projecting Emotions – INFP

Because of the INFP’s dominant “Fi” and the INFP’s “Si”, the INFP is very much in touch with its feelings.

Though the INFP doesn’t absorb others’ emotions like the INFJ, the INFP can easily see things from other people’s perspectives and imagine what it’s like to be the other person and then be able to understand how others feel. Because the INFP has spent lots of time interpreting its own emotions and mapping them out, the INFP can project emotions onto other people.

Unlike the INFJ, the INFP can turn on and off this “ability” to feel what others are feeling because the INFP is more in touch with its own feelings, whereas the INFJ isn’t as in touch with its own feelings as it is with other people’s feelings.

Many times, the INFP will be frustrated when others act unemphatic or act without emotions or morals, and even get frustrated with themselves when they feel so deeply when thinking about someone else’s feelings in such a way that other personality types can’t replicate.

However, both personality types are very accurate in being able to understand other people’s emotions, and because of this, they’re some of most empathetic and compassionate personality types.

Though the INFJ and INFP may be upset that they feel others’ feelings so deeply, friends and family will be thankful for it through having another person to confide with.






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