The Desire to Feel

We INFPs feel things very deeply, much more so than other people do. We may cry when other people are unmoved. Sometimes we’ll laugh at something that wasn’t supposed to be humorous. A single day can be affected by whether or not if we feel hint of sadness, excitement, or joy.

Sometimes we feel like each day has us walking in a wave of emotions, with us getting trapped in the deep end, overwhelmed by feelings, or we may wallowing in the shallow tide, feeling something, but it isn’t strong.

While others try to hide their emotions, cover them them in blanket of rational thought and logic, we fully embrace our emotions and try to navigate them, catch their wind in our sails so that they can guide our paths each day.

We can become very dependent on the winds and waves of our emotions. Our feelings, morals, and beliefs are some of the few things that we trust and know will help lead us in the right direction. And sometimes, our feelings are the only new and interesting thing going on in our mundane lives. In the midst of routine, work, and the dull life around us, the only colorful thing painting the background of our lives is our constant waves of emotions guiding us. We try hard to sniff out those whispers of emotions around us, trying desperately to feel something, wanting to paint and color our gray, boring lives, needing something to guide us through the hardships and uncertainty of life.

We become masters of our emotions. After having tracked and analyzed each emotion over the course of several years, we can easily spot a familiar emotion and understand what means and how to interpret it. Following our scent, we listen to our feelings and beliefs, trying to navigate life.

However, sometimes the tide doesn’t come in, and we come up dry. There is no wind in our sails, and we realize its going to be a while before we can go sailing again.

We know the waves will return, but we struggle to interpret the world around us in the absence of our feelings. Because we’re stuck inside ourselves, trying to understand the world around us based on how we react through our emotions, emotions, feelings, and values become our guide and our compass. But without our compass, we can’t navigate the map of life, we don’t know how to understand other people and current events.

Sometimes we don’t need a guide just need something to color our dull lives. Trying desperately to feel anything, we might listen to that song again or read that book again, trying to capture those emotions we knew we caught before.

Though I think we INFPs should try not to be so dependent on these waves and winds of emotions, these feelings are some of the only things we have to understand the world around us. Others may not understand why we feel so deeply, but when we listen to our gut, our emotions, we can understand this foreign world in some way, unlike anyone else.

We know that these emotions will carry us through this life in one way or another, and that if we dive deeper we may unlock secrets about ourselves we never discovered before.

We try so hard to feel anything. As we listen to that song over and over again, or watch that emotional movie scene several times, we try to catch a glimpse of those former, moving feelings.

And when we do find something, when we do feel moved so deeply by something others wouldn’t, our gray worlds are seemingly filled with the music and color of those emotions. The wind has caught in our sails. The tide has come in. We are ready to make our lives colorful again.

Sure, we may be desperate and too needy for any change in our boring lives, but I think many of us understand that there is sometimes nothing more beautiful than our emotions. Something that can move us so much must be beautiful and important.


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  1. Indiasologuy says:

    All that you’ve described, are things I’ve been through. As an INFP, i found your site to be well worth reading in detail. Thanks for posting this.


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