INFP Thoughts #3 – On Daydreaming

You’ve thinking about the possibilities of time travel. Or you’ve been imagining a conversation you want to have with your friend when you see her on Tuesday. Or you’ve been considering that new idea you had for a novel.

…When suddenly your mind jolts, thrusting you into reality. You realize you’ve been daydreaming…again… and you were supposed to be doing more pressing things.

Of all the types, INFPs can attest the most to frequent day-dreaming, “head in the clouds”, dreaminess, whatever you want to call it.

Actually, INFPs are very likely, in school, to be misdiagnosed with ADD because of their tendency to retreat to their “inner worlds” and be caught day-dreaming.

Often times, from my perspective, my mind needs to be occupied every waking moment. It needs something to think about. Something to ponder, imagine, contemplate. The instant I’m bored, my mind will transition to a new scene and a new “view”. I’ll either grow occupied with the pondering of movie theories, or I’ll imagine a fantasy in my head. Not matter what, if the real world gets boring, my imagination goes wild.

Daydreaming is one of the perfect grounds for breeding new ideas and generating interesting concepts and theories. Because of INFPs seek those new ideas very often through “Ne”, INFPs are constantly falling into this dreaminess, always making INFPs look like they’re in another world or another place. They never seem to stay in reality for very long.

We INFPs seem to fade in and out of reality. We are never satisfied with the intangibility of our imagination, and we are never satisfied with the wonder the mundane world often never provides.

However, we INFPs are creators, and we siphon the wells of our imagination in order to create tangible but wonderful, original, and beautiful creations.

So though many people may find our dreaminess to be naive and silly, our daydreams not only strengthen and chisel our imagination, but our daydreams help us create. By drawing inspiration from the real world while imagining creations in our dreams, we can create and show the world our tangible fantasies.




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