INFP Thoughts #4 – On Stress and Uncontrol

INFPs, like all IPs, are self-directed and introspective in nature. Because of their”Fi”, INFPs have mapped themselves to a great extent and seek to understand themselves through their morals, values, and emotions. INFPs understand themselves and know how to make their own decisions because of “Fi”, to the extent that INFPs feel that they have much control over their inner selves.

However, their outer Judging function, “Te”, is inferior, so INFPs tend to avoid making decisions about external situations, especially situations involving conflict. It also doesn’t help that their most conscious function that is direct contact with the external world is “Ne”, which is only perceptive in nature. They can interpret and read the situations going on, but INFPs struggle to actually do anything in those situations.

Because of this, INFPs feel they have inner control. However, they seek to control the outer world, but only fail at doing so. Since these external situations demand action from the helpless INFP, many INFPs can feel frustrated because they just want to be left alone from people making demands on them, or they can feel a lot of stress because of their inability to make a clear or conscious decision regarding external conflicts.

So, because of this, INFPs try to strengthen their control on their inner selves in order to have any control at all, while they try avoid outer situations and decisions because they don’t feel any control over external conflicts.

Many IPs feel stressed and frustrated when the world makes demands on them and just want to be left alone. The world is confusing, whereas the inner self makes sense.



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