INFP Thoughts #5 – On Feeling Comfortable Around Friends

One too many times have people expressed how quiet I am. Every person I’ve gotten to know has eventually mentioned, “You’re kinda quiet.”

Sometimes, however, I may surprise my friends (and myself) when I suddenly begin to act more open and act talkative.

Both starkly different states of social behavior are based on how comfortable I and other INFPs feel around other people.

INFPs prefer their state of introspection through Introverted Feeling. They are constantly analyzing the situations and circumstances taking place around them to see how those situations are affecting the INFP’s emotions, that way they can traverse and “ride the waves” of the situation based on how similar emotional situations have gone in the past.

However, their preferred mindset, Introverted Feeling, is introverted in nature and thus is not a clear or direct means of expression of one’s thoughts and feelings to the external world. The INFP may either seem hesitant to show their feelings, or they may just have troubling expressing them. And, INFPs would rather be quiet, listen to their own thoughts, instead of speak them aloud.

It’s not that INFPs are in a constant of discomfort when around other people, however, once the INFP feels truly comfortable around a group of friends is when the INFP can open up though Extraverted Intuition.

When Extraverted Intuition takes control, it leads the INFP with talkative, extraverted means through external events instead of Fi leading the INFP through external in a subjective, internal means.

The INFP may appear to be acting “silly” or playful, and their speech will be one of wit. Once comfortable with their external environment they will have great joy throwing around different ideas or coming up with or telling jokes.

And so, INFPs are not always quiet as they appear to be. Once you gain an INFP’s trust, and if the INFP is in a good mood of course, the INFP will be more talkative and seem more open.


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