INFP Career Misconceptions – Part #2 – (INFP Careers)

In my previous post that I posted many months ago (sorry about the delay), I discussed the common feelings INFPs have for most work environments.

INFPs get new ideas constantly, and any idea or project they aren’t passionate about will often get thrown away. Most ideas are easy to start but impossible to finish. In the same way, INFPs are prone to switching careers on a dime. The instant they feel no passion for a certain job they feel the need to find a career that they are passionate about. INFPs need to be true to themselves. If a certain career isn’t stimulating enough or if it doesn’t strike a chord with the INFP, then the INFP will want to look for a career that will do so.

So many misconceptions can arise about INFPs from people who don’t truly understand or know an INFP.

#1: INFPs are not lazy.

INFPs may tend to procrastinate, but usually they procrastinate on an idea or project in order to find the right moment of inspiration so that they can pour out the best possible form of the idea or project.

Concerning a job or career, even one they aren’t passionate about, INFPs will try their hardest to work the best they can. For one, they fear messing up one little thing or making mistakes. (INFP Thoughts #1 – On Our Caution)

Secondly, INFPs want to please others whether or not the job they currently possess is one they like. They don’t want to be disliked by others or their boss, and so they will try to work hard in order to please the people around them.

And once the INFP does find inspiration for an idea or find a passion in his or her career, they will work even harder because of their motivation.

#2: INFPs can finish what they start.

INFPs can easily begin a project. The idea or project will sound amazing to the INFP, and the sound of the idea won’t stop ringing in the INFP’s head.

However, the perfection of the idea will eventually fade away as the imperfections in the project arise. The INFPs will lose their passion for the idea, thinking that it’s a dumb one now.

With a little motivation from themselves, friends, or other sources, the INFP will and can continue on. Even though the journey can get rough, once the INFP can see the light at the end of tunnel, they will push on with renewed inspiration.

#3: INFPs aren’t always artists.

Most people think that all INFPs are destined to become writers, painters, artists, librarians, etc, and thus will have trouble in other careers. However, this isn’t always the case. INFPs have a great love for science and technology through Te.

Though most INFPs may enjoy a job in writing or painting more than that is scientifically and mathematically astute, they still have a passion for science.

So though many people think INFPs can’t succeed in jobs other ones in art and literature, they can succeed and enjoy careers in other job areas.

In Part #3 I’ll discuss many of those careers INFPs can and would be good at.










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