INFP Careers – Part #3 – (INFP Careers)

In the past posts I’ve talked about how most INFPs feel about most careers and about the many misconceptions people have about INFPs and careers.

Today, I’ll talk about a few careers that INFPs have been passionate about.

Many INFPs need a career where they can channel their creative impulses. An independent career where they can see meaningful work being done and progress being made.

Most careers, ideas, and causes can benefit from the ideas and creativity INFPs can bring, but sadly many employers aren’t looking for an artsy employee. They want a worker who will stick to the books, do only what is necessary of them, while putting as much work and effort in the tasks asked of them.

INFPs need a creative outlet, a means of showing the world what they’re good at.

So, unfortunately, many INFPs try to seek stereotypical creative, artsy careers. I’m not saying that being an artist or an author is a bad, pointless thing; I myself want to become an author eventually.

However, not all careers asides from the arts are bad choices for the INFP.

As the site 16 Personalities says, “Where INFPs will not thrive is in a high-stress, team-heavy, busy environment that burdens them with bureaucracy and tedium. INFPs need to be able to work with creativity and consideration – high-pressure salespeople they are not.”

Many INFPs have become successful from pursuing a career in the arts, literature, music, etc.

A few other careers, however, that INFPs have been good at and have been passionate about include counseling, psychology, the humanities, education, religious education, graphic design, and many more.

Many of the links below lead to good suggestions for other INFP careers.




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