Entertainment, Criticisms, & INFP

This post will be like the last post in that it will discuss a few personal observations about my personality, not so much INFPs in general. The only reasons I do this is because (1) a few of the INFPs I have asked about this do not feel the same way (2) and I’m curious to see if anyone does feel the same way.

These observations have INFP roots, but that doesn’t mean they’re “INFP” in nature. Anyways, here we go:

1. It’s hard for me to be critical of a movie/book/TV show.

INFPs, in general, have a hard time being critical of other people. They want to think the best of other people. In the same, I have a hard time being critical of movies, books, TV shows, and the like. Some movies, for instance, however can blatantly terrible in matters of plot, characters, actors, etc. If a movie encourages things against my personal feelings and values I’ll probably dislike the movie a little more.

However, most of the time, movies, books, etc, that most people berate I will probably like. I can easily look past all the flaws and actually enjoy any form of entertainment. As long as it’s not boring, then most of time, I will enjoy such forms of entertainment that other people don’t.

2. Most criticisms do not affect my view of a piece of entertainment.

Even if I read a few reviews about a movie before seeing it and the criticisms are bad, I’ll most likely still enjoy the movie. I’ll still be emotionally affected by it. Even if I know the spoilers, I won’t be as shocked by a certain twist, but the movie won’t be ruined because of it.

So, as I’m noticing over the years, many criticisms do not affect me and my entertainment experience. It’s also very hard for me to see the flaws in forms of entertainment, unless they’re blatant. I’m just curious if you guys feel the same way.







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  1. MBTI MANIA says:

    Same here. I’m actually surprised when I see people going by other’s reviews and not their own opinions.
    It’s funny (and sometimes annoying) to me when I see that I’m deeply touched by a movie even though it’s outward appearances are not to my taste. Because it engenders my values, I sympathize with it almost uncontrollably.


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