INFPs & Highly Sensitive People

In the previous post, I discussed the correlation between personality and sensitivity. Highly Sensitive People are people who are sensitive to intense senses like strong smells or loud noise. They are often characterized as shy by the people around them. Many of these people with this sensitive trait are reactive in nature. They think before they act.

Concerning personality and HSP, 70% of people with this trait are introverts, and they mostly consist of INFPs, INFJs, INTPs, and INTJs.

So in this post, I’m going to discuss a few traits of Highly Sensitive People that are found within INFPs initially. Though not every Highly Sensitive Person will be INFP, there may be reason that most if not all INFPs are Highly Sensitive.

1. Highly Sensitive People feel more deeply.

As I’ve discussed countless times before, INFPs feel very deeply. Because of “Fi”, they are masters at emotion and have mapped out their deep emotions their entire lives. They can easily empathize with others and are constantly attaching emotions to… well… anything.

2. It takes Highly Sensitive People longer to make decisions.

When trying to make a decision, even concerning something as simple as choosing a flavor of ice cream, INFPs have trouble making clear decisions. They want to go with what feels right to them; they want to choose whatever most closely aligns with the INFP’s personality, morals, and beliefs. And because of this, INFPs will have trouble choosing between two options that aren’t inherently bad or cause major consequences.

3. Highly Sensitive People often schedule and arrange their lives to avoid stressful and overwhelming situations.

INFPs also shy away from any conflict or anything that can overwhelm the INFP with unpleasant emotions. The INFP may understand his or her emotions, and the INFP may have some control on when he or she emphasizes with others, but some emotions like anxiety or stress can be too much for the INFP.

Many INFPs often seek and desire some control, whether it be on the INFP’s internal or external being. The world can be very unpredictable, and INFPs would rather not deal with the stress that is associated with spontaneous, uncomfortable events. The INFP, however, only has control on his or her internal self and his or her emotions. In the external world, the INFP has no control. If the INFP can avoid situations that alter the INFP’s emotional being, then the INFP will be at ease.

Now, most of the rest of the traits include physiological traits like “Highly Sensitive People are sensitive to intense senses”, which are things different from personality. However, hopefully these three traits I have mentioned can help with finding out whether or not you are a HSP.



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