Struggles All INFPs Understand

1. Finally coming up with a well thought-out response to a conversation when you realize that the group already moved past that topic.

2. Getting caught up in a brilliant new idea for a project when you realize you haven’t eaten all day.

3. Because you’re a good listener, everyone comes to complain and rant to you, and you can’t say no to them.

4. Conversations you prepare for via your imagination are often less intense that you fantasized them to be.

5. (or 4b) You mentally prepare for how you will say your order to the cashier and then flub up your order the instant words come out of your mouth.

6. Laughing in public and looking stupid only because you remembered something funny.

7. (or 6b) Not being able to stop thinking about that one time when you said that one witty line and made all your friends laugh. (Thus you can’t wipe that loony grin off your face)

8. You remember that one stupid thing you did or said years ago, and you can’t stop feeling upset about it all day.

9. You imagine the worst possibilities to a current situation and begin to get emotional about these imaginary events.

10. Your body is tired and you want to sleep, but your mind can’t stop thinking.




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  1. I would love if you checked out my recent INFP blog. For nine I would get so emotional playing out my parents deaths in my head as a kid that I had to stop. And that is me now. And every day with number ten. Of course all the others apply as well.


    1. Yes, wow, as a kid I would imagine my parents’ or friends’ deaths, and I would get very worked up about it to the point that I would be moody during the day because of fictional events. (then again I’ve gotten moody over events in books all the time).

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      1. exactly. so glad I am not alone. cause I was like this is not normal lol


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