Struggles of the Introvert

  1. You’re in the library and are about to go get a book when you see another person looking for a book in that aisle. Eh, you didn’t really want that book anyways (or you wait anxiously, creepily watching the person until they leave).
  2. Your body is tired and you want to sleep, but your mind can’t stop thinking.
  3. You can never work up the courage to make that phone call…
  4. …Or, when someone calls, you usually let it go to voicemail.
  5. Group projects are the worst.
  6. Class presentations are just evil.
  7. You wear headphones all the time in public in order to avoid interaction with strangers.
  8. You feel bad about not going to a group event since the only good reason you have for not going is just that you want to stay home…
  9. … but if you do go to the group event you’ll often get stuck by yourself feeling lonely and wishing you had stayed home.
  10. If you happen to see someone you know in public, you’ll try to avoid running into them (unless they’re a really good friend of course).
  11. You’re now a master at coming up with excuses not to go to that one event with someone.
  12. …And you’ve also mastered acting like you’ve forgotten something and need to get it whenever a stranger strikes up a conversation with you.
  13. Self-checkouts are the greatest invention since the ability to text instead of call people.
  14. You can never work up the courage to tell the waiter that there’s something wrong with your food.
  15. You overthink about everything.
  16. You are misunderstood all the time. Thus people think you’re shy, arrogant, cold, boring, or a pushover.
  17. Unfortunately, though, you are often a pushover (you hate it but you can’t say no).
  18. Finally coming up with a well thought-out response to a conversation when you realize that the group already moved past that topic.
  19. Small talk. (Enough said)
  20. You can’t think or concentrate when people invade your personal space.
  21. Conversations would be so much easier if telepathy was real.
  22. If you don’t answer the door, they’ll think you’re not home. As long as you’re quiet.
  23. No matter how many times you rehearse your order in your head, you’ll still mess it up.






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