Mission Statement

It’s been over a year since I began this blog. I felt for a long time that I would purely write about INFP, typological, MBTI-related topics.

That obviously hasn’t been the case recently, as I’ve had several writing ideas and the need to “purge” out ideas of mine into a public outlet such as this blog.

I’ve gained a number of followers over the year, and I thank you all for your support, even if this blog doesn’t last long. Not saying I have plans to end it, I just doubt it will last forever.

So, during the time I was exploring a few topics beyond MBTI, I was worried that I was drifting to far from the “goal” I had set out earlier when I created the blog. (INFPs are prone to worry, if that wasn’t made clear by the previous post).

I feel that it’s about time I created a Mission Statement of sorts to explain all of the goals and the “mission” of this writing outlet.

Learning to Be INFP

So, the title I will admit was “last-ditch”, “only title with INFP in it no one has taken”, but I think the title has value and so I’ll try to shape some of my goals around the idea of being and learning to be INFP. Everyone grows all the time. I’m learning to be myself, really, as all of you are.

Note of Identification

Small note here. There are many people and many psychologists who dislike MBTI. They say many things like it isn’t reliable or it doesn’t reveal all the traits one can via a personality test. I get that. MBTI isn’t perfect. I do like, however, sites like 16Personalities that portray types and traits on a spectrum rather than on absolutes. So rather than saying I’m Introverted, it may say I’m 64% Introverted.

I’m not completely and utterly INFP. I know there are other ways to identify oneself. I know that there are other means of revealing personality.

Most psychologists depend on the Big Five. I understand that, and I agree in some part of the reliability of the Big Five. However, I’ve grown to like MBTI more. I’ve gotten good, meaningful, revealing results from both MBTI and Big Five. Big Five is probably good for revealing to psychologists and to individuals personality.

1. Sharing Personality

However, I believe that MBTI is better at sharing personality. I can quickly share what my MBTI type is to you and you can share your type to me and we’ll instantly understand where the other is coming from and the other’s personality in general.

So, a goal of this blog is to share personality. While there is only 16 types for 7 billion+ people on Earth, I’ve found that I still relate a lot to other INFPs. The only minor differences has more to do with Nurture (how the environment and life has affected an individual) than it does with Nature (essence of personality and self, so yes like saying you’re INFP).

I want to reveal what I’ve learned over the years as an INFP about myself and share that, hoping that you guys will share a few things to. We can agree on things or disagree.

2. Sharing Ideas

The previous point covers a goal I set out from the beginning, the goal of writing about personality-related things.

These next points cover goals I’ve recently desired to set. As an INFP, I have many ideas and wide range of writing pursuits. I have trouble sticking to one topic, as I’m sure many of you struggle with to. I have ideas and pursuits outside of personality, and I need to fulfill them.

I’m inspired by the Nerdwriter, Evan Puschak, who has created more than a hundred videos on topics ranging from poetry, philosophy, good & terrible movies, politics, etc.

He’s only one of many YouTubers out there like the vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green, who explore such a long range of ideas, and I’m inspired by this. I have ideas to write and create things exploring such a diverse range of topics.

So, I will allow myself the courtesy to explore such topics.

3. Sharing Writing

At my core, I’m a writer and a dreamer. Most INFPs are.

Ironically, I will be short and brief in explaining this goal.

I need a means of “purging out” writing ideas and this is one outlet I’ve found to helpful, whether or not anybody actually reads my work. I feel I get more ideas and write better when writing to an “Imaginative” audience rather than to nobody other than myself.


And so, there you have it. My Mission Statement, which is to share personality, ideas, and writing.


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