Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Beware. Spoilers Ahead. Well then. I finally saw the new Spider-Man. Wasn’t sure if I would review this, but why not? Initial thoughts? This was a great movie. And, having seen the five previous Spider-Man movies, in my honest opinion, this was the best Spider-Man film. I’m being serious. First of all, it’s because they…

A Stream of Thoughts – #1

I would like to say I’m a deep thinker, not to derive any pride from it, just to give me more of a sense of self. However, I hope and believe that most people think these things I have written below every now and then, and if not, here they are for all to see….


It’s hard for me to see the world the way it truly is. I’ve mentioned in past posts how I live in two worlds, fantasy and reality. Often, my body occupies reality while my mind is usually in fantasy. Sure, I appreciate wonders reality has to offer, like the beauty in nature or the wonder…


It’s quiet. I’m alone, by myself, thinking in solitude while hiking in a forest. Or, maybe I’m in a coffee shop, listening to music in a quiet corner. Or, maybe I’m driving late at night, watching speeding headlights pass in the corner of my eye as I trying watch the road in front of me….